Historical Beginnings

Our Journey Began when Ishkode bishikiins Fire Calf (Jamie) met Muskwa Shingwakwe, Red Pine Woman (Kim) in Calgary, Alberta in the year of 1982. We now believe in destiny and that things really do happen for reasons, just as our meeting has sparked our spiritual journey together. We are now ready to share our Dreams and Visions with you in hopes that you may find Health, Happiness & Peace on your Earth Walk.

Fire Calf and Red Pine Woman, believe that we all need to share with others the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and experiences we have come to know, learn and continue to learn from our Belief in the Creator. We should always acknowledge and honor our Ancestors for without them we would not be here today. We have been given many great honors responsibilities and gifts along our sacred path. Life has been good to us thanks to our determination and open communication in our family relationship(s) and how we live and honor our Native Way of Life. Fire Calf and Red Pine Woman have celebrated 24 years of marriage together and are proud parents to three children and many extended family members. They have one daughter, Nodin Ahnoneen Bwit Nakain Kwe (Woman Standing with the Wind) Brandi, who is an Early Childhood Educator, and two sons, GeGek (Red Tail Hawk) Don, who is an artist and is currently working in the automotive industry, and Najon Nadonse (Little Animal Spirit) Lee who travels with his parents and has become a self-motivated learner. Together as a family they continue to help many people (extended family members) achieve their goals by opening up their home to others in need of help and guidance. Not realizing back then, that this was the way our ancestors once lived, taking care of their family and others that came to their homes for food shelter and guidance. In the past their family has gone beyond extended family and has been involved in community development, communications, information sharing, networking, and being community helpers when needed. In the areas of education, health, social services, justice, healing from generational abuse issues as well as, advocating on behalf of our children, youth, elders, and families in need etc.

In 2002 a Vision was sent from the Thirteen Grandmother Moon Spirits to Red Pine Woman during her Springtime Fast. With the help, support and guidance of many spiritual teachers, elders, friends, family members and extended family members this vision has transformed into reality. Tem Gaak Naagdo Wend Mowin, A Place for Understanding Support Centre, is a place where Nokimis Giizis (Grandmother Moon) is honored and celebrated on a monthly basis and is open to all people to learn and share the beauty of our culture and spirituality.

To all the teachers and helpers wherever you may be, we honor you, and the work that

you provide, so tirelessly each day. May the Great Mystery and all our relations watch over you and your family, in a good and safe way. May we all continue to honor and celebrate the wisdom of our ancestors who have walked this path before us.

Miigwetch, (Thank you) Fire Calf & Red Pine Woman

Please note: we are using our Ojibway Language first and the English language translations are in brackets for all who are on their learning journey

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