Individual Self Care



The Discovery of Power Through
the Ways of Animals

Experience what people worldwide are using for guidance, inspiration, and help in finding answers to life’s questions. Medicine Cards is a way to begin a process towards healing the body, mind, spirit and heart.
Providing insight and understanding of
one’s own unique purpose in life.


Want to help a good cause? Part of the proceeds raised goes towards native families on their healing journey. Be a leader and organize your staff and/or friends who need some positive guidance and direction on their path. Ask about special prices for youth and groups of four or more. Don't be afraid call...

To Schedule and/or book your session on
Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday

Call: 519 264-3178 or


Cost: $50.00 per session

Comments given after employee self care sessions held on June 15, 2007.

“Very informative and I felt that my awareness has grown by being reminded about the animal connection. Helpful”.......D. C.

“A breath of relief!! The reading was an acknowledgement of my life’s experiences and certainly proof that what I have learned about my paths direction before today, being given as the truths.......I know that the future as related to me can only be the truth also.”.......M. R.

“The session I had with her was enlightening and was very useful! It has given me many things to think about and ways to put positive life changes into place. She was very knowledgeable, caring and insightful. Chi meegwetch and keep up the excellent work!!”......L. R.

09 22 2007